A regulator differs in phases, and a 3-phase regulator is commonly applied in a motorcycle. A regulator provides a stable and safe voltage to electricity consumption agents engaged during a driving experience. Our regulators have features of full and half-wave rectifier, SCR function of short-circuit voltage, battery overcharge protection and open-circuit protection, stable voltage supplying, SMT surface mount technology and high reliability. Our regulators also adopt the latest switching type circuit design. They are featuring with high transmission efficiency and anti-interference. They can better suit for a wider current voltage range, stand better heat dispersion with a stronger resistance to corrosion. We supply you regulators:

1.Good quality guaranteed

2.Stable performance

3.A variety of models complete

  • ZS ZS
  • WH125 WH125
  • QJ250 QJ250
  • Neptune Neptune
  • JY110 JY110
  • GY6-11 GY6-11
  • GN125 GN125
  • F8 F8
  • DY100 DY100
  • CH125 5Wire CH125 5Wire
  • CH125 6Wire CH125 6Wire
  • CG125 5Wire Male Plug CG125 5Wire Male Plug