This is operating control cable for motorcycle; Component: Throttle cable, clutch cable and brake cable. Material: aluminum+rubber/steel, PP, PVC/ABS+Steel wire with zinc plating. We can offer all kinds of models. Our company quickly implemented the management concept, established professional R&D team and achieved the national market network. Depending on the high level technical force, precise equipment, advanced craftwork, complete sorts, good quality, excellent reputation, reasonable price and satisfied service. Select excellent material, ensure the accuracy of the size, cables interior are all adopted wear-resistant liner tube, flexibility and durability of control are guaranteed. Tensile strength of various cable die-casting connectors exceeds the national standard; ensure the safety of drive and urgent brake. Adopted superior steel wire, keep the cable from pulling longer and longer .Long service life, durable in use with reasonable price Positive customer feedback from oversea and domestic market.

  • YBR125(Throttle) YBR125(Throttle)
  • WAVE-125(Throttle) WAVE-125(Throttle)
  • MIO(Throttle) MIO(Throttle)
  • GY6-125 AGILITY125(Throttle) GY6-125 AGILITY125(Throttle)
  • GN125(Throttle) GN125(Throttle)
  • DT125 OIW(Throttle) DT125 OIW(Throttle)
  • DS150 SCOOTER(Throttle) DS150 SCOOTER(Throttle)
  • DIO50(Throttle) DIO50(Throttle)
  • VEGA(Speedometer) VEGA(Speedometer)
  • TC150 RUSI150(Speedometer) TC150 RUSI150(Speedometer)
  • TC125 RUSI125(Speedometer) TC125 RUSI125(Speedometer)
  • SUPER8 KYMCO(Speedometer) SUPER8 KYMCO(Speedometer)