Oil Seal

It is a kind of engine spare part widely used in all kinds of motorcycle to separate agents to avoid the leak of lubricating oil. All our machinery equipment is introduced from Taiwan, adopting the newest manufacturing technology of Japan. Featuring good resistance of chemicals, heat, low temperature, ozone and weather aging, all products were supplied with high quality and considerate service and entails simple maintenance. We supply you oil seals that are all of national standard quality and manufactured under strict quality control process that guarantees stability and long-lasting working life time.

We owns various equipment, like modeling, metal surface processing, anti-errors in burdening, refining rubber, PTFE sintering, PU presynthetics, vulcanization, edge trimming, experiment testing, material storage in constant temperature, etc. The equipment for design, development, and production is advanced and complete

  • Valve-steam seal Valve-steam seal
  • Piston seal Piston seal
  • Oil seals Oil seals
  • Oil Seal & O-ring Oil Seal & O-ring
  • Bearing cap Bearing cap