Overrunning Clutch

This is motorcycle overrunning clutch, material: 20CrMnTi, suitable for all kinds of motorcycle. High strength, abrasion resistance, excellent quality and competitive price. Main processing in precision machining and cold forging, forging- turning, finish turning-gear hobbing,gear shaping-gear shaving, shot blasting-deburring,normalizing-quenching and high temperature tempering, Carburizing& quenching-tempering, end run-out roughness test precision marching and extrusion pressing teeth profile process: CNC lathe, buffing, hobbing, and shaving, grinding, gear honing. Heat treatment: carburizing, normalizing, annealing, and tampering. National standard quality guarantees long lasting working life time.

  • WH-125 WH-125
  • SRZ-150 SRZ-150
  • GY6-125 GY6-125
  • GS-125 GS-125
  • GN-250 GN-250
  • FXD-125 FXD-125
  • CH-125 CH-125
  • CBX-125 CBX-125