Connecting Rod

This is motorcycle connecting Rod, it is matched with crankshaft.Material:45#steel, 40Cr, 40MnB. Components: connecting rod, crankshaft pin and needle bearing. A complete range of material is available, quality carbon steel & alloy steel. Strictly international quality control system: Making mould, heat treatment, forging blank, hot drop forging & machining, honing, magnetic distinguish test, roughness test, bore diameter inspection,frofile test, curving test, pneumatic comprehensive test, roundness & cylindrical test. QR automatic carbon and sulphur test, washing.

Features: 1. Made with excellent quality steel, ensure the connecting rod has the performance of high strength, high fatigue resistance, sufficient rigidity and toughness. 2. Run stably and reliably, long service life, strict QC system, and quality guarantee, durable in use.

  • 1148 1148
  • 1106 1106
  • 4GL 4GL
  • 34X 34X
  • 5MX 5MX
  • 4LS 4LS
  • AD50 AD50
  • 354 354
  • 350 350
  • 37B 37B