This is motorcycle engine carburetor; it is the heart of engine. Material: zinc or aluminum. Applicable for many kinds of motorcycle engine. Airflow direction:Horizontal type. Structure: plunger carb, performance technical parameter conforms to the national standard. Adopted CNC lathe machine to be more precise and run stably and reliably, keep the carburetor from oil leakage.

Advantage: strong, high precision, energy-saving, idle stability, lower fuel consumption, environment protect, low cost, strict quality control system, quality guarantee, reasonable price, reasonable and strict QC management. Can adapt to customer’s specific request and also can make new model according to customer’s sample.

  • XV-250 XV-250
  • WY-125 WY-125
  • TVX MAX-100R TVX MAX-100R
  • RX-125GY RX-125GY
  • RX-115 RX-115
  • GY-80 GY-80
  • GY-50 GY-50
  • GN-125 GN-125
  • EN-125 EN-125
  • DY-100(MANUAL) DY-100(MANUAL)
  • DY-100(AUTO) DY-100(AUTO)
  • DIO-50 DIO-50