Oil Switch

This is motorcycle oil switch, used for motorcycle engine. A range of oil switch model for option. Every step from purchase materials, die-casting, plastic molding, to precision processing with altitudinal flexible, extractive and composite. Process of produce & administer within communication, intelligentize and network.Equipments are advanced and technologies are superior. So batches of products are confirmed as the auxiliary products by most of global customers. We organize to produce and manage, step from designing, processing to turn into using, according to the international standard ISO9000, QS9000 and VDA6.1 strictly. And make the eligibility rate of the produces fixed on the vehicle one-off obtained 100PPM.

  • UTV150 UTV150
  • RC100 RC100
  • JG175 JG175
  • GN-125 GN-125
  • CD70 CD70
  • CB650 CB650
  • CB500 CB500
  • DY-100 DY-100