The out cover of the horn is made of stainless steel, its bracket of MN and coil of pure copper. As we embracing nationally advanced horn technology developing center, mould processing center, product inspection center and internationally advanced automatic electrophoresis production line, we supply you horns of good quality, stable performance, strong and pleasant sound. We have models of 6 and 12 rated voltage at the moment. 


1. Good tenacity. 

2. Resist impact and high temperature.

3. Widely use for stop lamp for decoration and reduce traffic accidents. 

4. Quality production, approved by ROS certification. 

5. Finish: Anodized, powder coating, brush, mill finish available 

6. Procedure: Preciously cutting, milling, drilling, punching, CNC machining are all available. 

7. All processes including extruding, machining and surface treatment are in the same plant to ensure the quality and lead time. 

8. OEM is welcomed.

  • Horn-14 Horn-14
  • Horn-13 Horn-13
  • Horn-12 Horn-12
  • Horn-11 Horn-11
  • Horn-10 Horn-10
  • Horn-9 Horn-9
  • Horn-8 Horn-8
  • Horn-7 Horn-7
  • Horn-6 Horn-6
  • Horn-5 Horn-5
  • Horn-3 Horn-3
  • Horn-1 Horn-1