Drum Brake Shoe

A complete bake shoe consists of left and right brake part connected by springs. Each brake shoe part is made of semi-metallic, non-asbestos featuring with stable and excellent friction property, lower wear rate and high rotary burst strength at high temperature. Its metal part of which is treated with shot peen and vitriolic washing and assembled by gluing and riveting. Our brake shoes are of national standard quality that guarantees a long lasting working life and strict quality control process, featuring with noiseless, sensitiveness to brake, proper hardness, strength and reasonable price.

  • YBR-125 YBR-125
  • XDZ-150 XDZ-150
  • WY-125 WY-125
  • WH-125 WH-125
  • VT-250 VT-250
  • TJ-125 TJ-125
  • TH-90 TH-90
  • JH-70 JH-70
  • JB-150 JB-150
  • FXD-125 FXD-125
  • FBTZ-125 FBTZ-125