This is motorcycle piston, material: casted with high silicon aluminum alloy. Variety models for choice, different size available, applicable for 4 strokes motorcycle engine, ignition method: CDI, starting method: electric/kick. Features: saving oil of 8% or more, while adopting a unique structure of automatic compensation for wear and tear, increasing power, prolong life. The piston are casted with high silicon aluminum alloy, the surface treatment adopts exclusively anode oxidizing technique, which is of good heat isolation performance, so heat loss is reduced while heat efficiency is improved, the consumption of fuel can be reduced 4.6% .The hardness of oxide film is high, the strength of wear resistance and hear fatigue for surface of piston skirt is improved, the life of piston is elongated, the piston are provided as matching auxiliary parts for many motorcycle system manufactures and exported abroad.

Advantages: Reducing exhaust emission: The hazardous substances not burned fully can be burned fully. Producing of exhaust and hazardous substances can be reduced in the interior of engine. The emissions standard of carburetor and motorcycle reaches Europe II easily without any auxiliary methods, which of EFI car can reach Europe III.Strenthen power: good tightness and strong explosive force can improve power by 8%-20% and improve torque by 10%.Saving engine oil: engine oil device is controlled ingeniously, which can save lubricating oil by 30% or more.

  • WY-125 WY-125
  • WS-110 WS-110
  • WH-100 WH-100
  • WAVE-110 WAVE-110
  • JH-70 JH-70
  • GN5 CD100 GN5 CD100
  • GS-125 GS-125
  • GN-250 GN-250
  • DIO-50 DIO-50
  • CG-150 CG-150