Ignition Coil

A plug and play solution that offers increased performance, more efficient fuel consumption and better reliability, a must for any scooters. To even further benefit from a racing HT coil, we recommend the use of an iridium plug. Ignition coil we supply are featured with:

1. High energy and efficiency transmission.

2. PBT Case material, inner adopt PPO high pressure resistant frame work.

3. High temperature and high intensity epoxy resin encapsulation, resistance to vibration.

4. Enlaced with heat resisting enameled wire by computer providing high peak voltage of secondary coil and sufficient ignition energy.

5. High insulation properties.

6. Environmental adaptability, long-lasting working life.

  • WY125 WY125
  • JH125 JH125
  • JH with support JH with support
  • GY6(HM Cap) GY6(HM Cap)
  • GN125 GN125
  • CG125 CG125
  • CB125 CB125