Featuring with constructed shell using advanced ABS/GLASSFIBER/CARBONFIBER, comfort interior liner, dual-density EPS liner, wide visor opening for greater visibility, dual flow-through channels, easily removable liner and cheek pads for cleaning or custom fitting. We provide helmets with customized design and graphics. Our production are all under strict quality control and achieved national standard, ECE and DOT approval. 

  • HO-007 HO-007
  • HO-004 HO-004
  • HO-003 HO-003
  • HO-001 HO-001
  • HH-005 HH-005
  • HH-004 HH-004
  • HH-003 HH-003
  • HF-007 HF-007
  • HF-006 HF-006
  • HF-005 HF-005
  • HH-002 HH-002
  • HH-001 HH-001