Magneto Coil Comp

This is motorcycle magneto coil comp. Material: Quality: 100% pure Copper wire for big hole is QZY/180 standard, for small hole is QZY/200. Matched with rotor, suitable for all kinds of motorcycle engine. Supplying all the models of the Magneto Coil. Weight:395g±5,outer diameter of rotor:83. All the technical data are under standard of tolerance, the dimension&measure, ignition and magneto illumination property of products can be modified as customer sample’s requirement. Durable, high efficiency saving power, low noise, reliable quality, reasonable price and good service. Strictly international quality control system.

  • T-SC-019 T-SC-019
  • T-SC-013 T-SC-013
  • T-SC-011 T-SC-011
  • T-SC-009 T-SC-009
  • T-SC-008 T-SC-008
  • T-SC-007 T-SC-007
  • T-SC-004 T-SC-004
  • SGY6-8 SGY6-8
  • GY50-8 GY50-8
  • GS-18 GS-18
  • GN-18 GN-18
  • CH125-11 CH125-11