Carbon Brush

This is motorcycle engine carbon brush. It is a component for starting motor. Copper wire. A complete range of specifications and a great variety of models. Durable in use and dependence performance. Best performance application and courteous in use. Experienced in motorcycle carbon brush set market, difference material is available. All come from automatic machine, OEM international quality, long wear time, little spark, nice-looking and best after-sales service. Positive customer feedback from oversea and domestic market. Satisfied before-sales &after-sales market. The role of carbon brush

1 The external current (excitation current) through a carbon brush and added to the rotation of the rotor .2 Large shaft static charge through the carbon brush is LED to the earth .3 Shaft (to) LED to a protection device for rotor grounding protection and measurement of rotor negative voltage to ground .4 Change the direction of the current

  • T-BS-009 T-BS-009
  • T-BS-008 T-BS-008
  • T-BS-007 T-BS-007
  • T-BS-006 KEE T-BS-006 KEE
  • T-BS-005 MIO T-BS-005 MIO
  • T-BS-004 JUZ T-BS-004 JUZ
  • T-BS-003 FZR T-BS-003 FZR
  • T-BS-002 KPH T-BS-002 KPH
  • T-BS-001 HG T-BS-001 HG